What we do:
We provide Expertise in Aerosol Research, Preclinical & Clinical Services:
-  if you wish to bring on the market the Nanoaerosol Inhaler for use with a specific drug, it can be done quickly

-  the same as above with the stationary Nanoaerosol Generator (view)

-  we can carry out a Pre-Clinical study for a specific drug

-  after the Pre-Clinical study, we can carry out Clinical trials.  Important: for well-known drugs, only Phase 1 of the Clinical trials is necessary.

-  we can help with any project related to aerosols, which you plan to realize. We specialize in nanoaerosols; however, we work with aerosols of all sizes.

-  we can supply our Nanoaerosol Spectrometer (view) and some other aerosol equipment, e.g. Thermo Precipitator, Vacuum Impactor, Diffusion Battaries (nets or tubes)

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