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Investors willing to invest in a healthcare business dealing with a revolutionary method to deliver drugs, are welcome to get in touch with us.

Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd is unique - to the best of our knowledge, the only company dealing with pharmaceutical nanoaerosols. Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd makes possible to deliver conventional drugs (e.g. ibuprofen), by the most efficient, non-invasive way - through nanoaerosols. To get the same effect as that from oral administration, only a tiny amount of a drug is needed.

Smaller doses result in fewer side effects  => less suffering in the world !

The mission of Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd is to make the world a better place.

The Aerosol Drug Delivery products are the first ones on the market. Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd is dedicated to being the leader in the production of nanoaerosol inhalers.

Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd is solving a number of problems for patients, and not for large pharmaceutical companies. As a matter of fact, Aerosol Drug Delivery Ltd has a conflict of interests with large pharmaceutical companies - they are not interested in the reduction of the produced quantity of the drugs that they manufacture (i.e. instead of producing 1 tonne of certain medicine, to produce only 10 grams!).

The global market for pulmonary drug delivery systems is expected to grow to $43.9 billion by 2018. The dry powder inhalers category is the fastest moving segment in this market, growing at a significant five-year annual growth rate of 12.5%. In 2017, the Drug Delivery Technologies Market is  worth about $224 billion. The potential market for the nanoaerosol inhalers is somewhere in-between these two numbers, because the number of the drugs which can be used with the nanoaerosol inhalers is virtually unlimited.

There are companies dealing with pharmaceutical aerosols, but they work with micron and sub-micron size aerosols, focusing mainly on respiratory tract diseases. In comparison with micron and sub-micron size aerosols, the efficiency of nanoaerosols to deliver a drug into the lungs is several times higher, because micron-size aerosols cannot penetrate so far into the respiratory system as nanoaerosols do.
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